Subject: Lessons from the possible worst ~ or lessons from 15-moth restriction in Silicon Valley during pandemic

This presentation is a message for friends in Taiwan successfully
containing the pandemic, and also a response to the conference theme
“Work from home, hack into home” for last over a year and a half from an
incident responder in Silicon Valley, California, United States, which
suffers from the biggest numbers of infections and victims in the world
by this pandemic. In crisis management, risk management, or incident
response, we are instructed “Prepare for the worst”. I hope some of my
experience and observations could help you understand, or prepare for
“the (possible) worst” while you have been successfully containing the
pandemic better than others in the world.

Some observations could include the discussions and presentations by the
presenter for different stakeholders, mainly executives and decision
makers, behind the closed doors. This is the first presentation on this
topic in public by this presenter based on his live experience.