2012 / 7 / 20 (Fri)
2012 / 7 / 21 (Sat)


Next Generation Threats



Hacks In Taiwan Conference (HITCON) is the largest conference of hackers and information security in Taiwan.

There is no black and white in pure technology domain. We consider "hacker" as a representation for chanllenging spirits and excellent skills. Destinguishing from other commercial-oriented conferences, HITCON provides a stage for hackers to share the real skills, the hottest and darkest, to share experience, and to interact with each other.

Meanwhile, HITCON holds the Wargame -- internet attack and defense -- to provide realtime web environment and challenges for hackers to manifest, sharpen, and prove their ability. We also features innovative devices, such as realtime IRC chatting channel, and sheep wall, which makes HITCON unique.

In this annual hackers conference, in addiiton to sharing knowledge, participants can truely experience the real hacker culture. Sincerely, we hereby sincerely invite our friends in the information security field to enjoy this grand meeting with us.



Highlights of HITCON 2012

I A-class speakers

More than ten foreign speakers to share the latest skills with you.

s High-class conference

You don't need to feed your appetitite in other information security conference.

h High-quality projection

Dual projecitons to satisfy the both the quality and entertainment (Sheep Wall, and IRC).

m Charming price

Special price offered, only one-thirtieth of the fee of overseas conferences.

W High-level Wargame

The "Hell level" of Wargame especially conducts "Capture the Flag", the brand new rules and awards! Compete with world-wide known hacker team!

b Rootan Cosplay

Cute mascot girl "Rootan" will be cosplayed, danceing with hackers!