Early Online Registration:

Period: 2015/06/17 16:00 ~ 07/05 23:59
Price: NTD$ 8,000

Regular Online Registration:

Period: 2015/07/06 16:00 ~ 08/25 23:59
Price: NTD$ 10,000

Group Tickets Online Registration:

Period: 2015/07/06 16:00 ~ 08/25 23:59
Price: NTD$ 27,000 / 3 tickets

On-site Registration:

On-site registration will cost NTD$ 12,000.
On-site registration will only be open when there are leftover seats from the previous stages of registration, therefore, there may be little or no seats available for on-site registration.
There will be no additional seats for on-site registration once all the available ones are sold out.

Notes on Registration:

For oversea participants who are unable to wire-transfer the registration fees, please email us at ([email protected]) with the list of participants, and we'll assist you.

All fees are not refundable.

Be sure to fill in legitimate and accurate information during online registration, and bring along any photo identification on the conference day in case the need for it arises.

Please note: HITCON ENT and HITCON CMT tickets will be sold separately. It is different from previous HITCON tickets.

We accept credit card, and bank wires for online registration. If you are coming from overseas, we would recommend you using credit card to make payment. On-site registration accepts only cash in TWD.

Notes for Participants:

After successful registration, be sure to read the confirmation email, the QRCode in it will be used to verify your identity upon check-in.



時間:2015/06/17 16:00 ~ 07/05 23:59
價格:NT$ 8,000 元


時間:2015/07/06 16:00 ~ 08/25 23:59
價格:NT$ 10,000 元


時間:2015/07/06 16:00 ~ 08/25 23:59
價格:NT$ 27,000 元/ 3 張


會議舉行當日可至現場報名 NT$ 12,000 元




海外參加者若無法匯款,請來信大會服務信箱([email protected]),並提供參加名單,我們將為您服務。請與會人員詳細閱讀「HITCON 個人資料保護聲明」

票務部分不同於之前幾屆,本屆 HITCON ENT 與 HITCON CMT 兩場大會票卷需分開購買,單一大會票卷無法參加另一場大會,購票時請注意 !




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