HITCON Pacific 2016 - The Fifth Domain: Cyber | Homeland Security

12.1-2 @ 台北文創大樓6F


The most typical Asian security conference in Taiwan - HITCON Pacific 2016

This year has been a particularly eventful year for the cyber security community. We have witnessed the increasing application of IoT and IoV, many large-scale inception groups or campaigns exposed, Critical Infrastructures attacked, Ransomware rampant, as well as financial systems hacked. The infamous ATM malware heist in Taiwan, for example, shocked international media and various industries across the globe. Cyberspace has matured into a playground of warfare, and has become closely interrelated with national security. This year at HITCON Pacific, our topic “The Fifth Domain: Cyber | Homeland Security” focuses on cyber threats and defense.

We the most renowned speakers and HITCON CTF Final with top ten winning teams come from the world. The Attack and Defense format competition will see the world’s best teams competing for the 2016 HITCON CTF Championship. Hope you could come with us to join this Asia's most iconic cyber security convention.

HITCON Training- Nov. 27th - 30th
HITCON Pacific- Dec. 01st - 02nd
HITCON CTF- Dec. 02nd - 03rd