# Sep. 11 - 12, 2020

# Herd Immunity for Cybersecurity



這,就是 HITCON 2020
We are the one.

# What is HITCON?




From technical aspect, there is no right or wrong; we think the word "hacker" represents professional skill and dare to challenge.

Unlike commercial conferences, HITCON provides a stage for hackers to share the latest and advanced security technology and have discussion with everyone. We are very strict about our sessions to make sure that everything published in HITCON is commercial-free researches, latest trends, or advanced hacker skills. We also hope that every session is interested by our attendees.

HITCON is the yearly party of hackers. Not only sharing technologies, but also feeling the true hacker spirit. Through the interaction of hackers and communities, there are always issues that is new and sensitive. We invite anyone interested in information securities to HITCON.