HITCON online

In addition to providing a platform for online communication with sponsors, we will also add online activities and integrate Hacker Cat Adventures to bring a different game experience , hoping to bring a different online experience to our members.

Malware Playground

The 2020 Malware Playground will continue to get even more difficult.
The contestants will be even more difficult, what kind of tricks will be the king of compulsion this year?
Are you ready to fight with each other on the net?
The strongest Tricky King 2.0 is waiting for you to challenge!

HITCON:Hacker Cat Adventure

Meow ~ hackers, are you ready for an adventure?
Hacker Cat Adventures is an online puzzle game composed of plot, puzzle and information security elements, with unlimited playing time!
Players can not only learn more about HITCON 2021 from the perspective of the hacker cats, but also collect points to redeem limited edition gifts.

Operation - Hacker Cat

Hello everyone ~ I'm Hacker Meow. Do you enjoy our HITCON event?
You said the conference hall is so big that you don't know where to start?
Okay, then! I'll take you around the conference hall! I've put some codes inside the conference hall.
Find all of them and answer them correctly.
I'll be your assistant, so let's join the Operation:Hacker Cat together!

This is an onsite only event.
I invite you to visit HITCON 2021 and use Telegram to call Hacker Meow and answer the questions.
You will receive a nice gift! In addition, I will be on Telegram and IRC to help you communicate with people at HITCON 2021.
Looking forward to seeing you all at HITCON!

HITCON Village & Salon Agenda (Unofficial Agenda)

HITCON Village and Salon Agenda will have different community participation and provide rich topics, hoping to lead the audience to take a look at different aspects of information security technology and issues through practice questions and interactions, as well as experience the fun of the hacker life.