2nd Hacks in Taiwan Conference


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HIT2006 投影片下載

keynote:What's Next for the InfoSec Industry? - Yen-Ming Chen 下載
專題演講 1:XML-based Protocol Fuzzer for OpenSAML implementation - Yen-Ming Chen 下載
專題演講 2:VoIPhreaking: How to make free phone calls and influence people - grugq (英文演講) 下載
專題演講 3:Introduction to Windows Host IPS - Nouk  
專題演講 4:Upload & Download~ I own your WEB - CharmiLin  
專題演講 5:Thinking XSS(cross site scripting) - BlackFarmer  
專題演講 6:Securing Web Applications using Automated Static Analysis - Wayne (Yao-Wen) Huang  


專題演講 7:Use of AI algorithms in designing of Web Application Security Testing framework - Fyodor 下載
專題演講 8:Spyware Detection:Automated Behavior Analysis Approach - Birdman 下載
專題演講 9:Obfuscate File Signature Verification With Dynamic
Patching - UNARY
專題演講 10:Virus Evolution - zha0 下載
專題演講 11:Exploit Modify Tips & 0day - Nanika  
專題演講 12:Spyware Forensic With Reversing and Static Analysis
- PK