This Year

In the new era of information explosion,
we are facing persistent information security threats and vulnerabilities,
for which the traditional defense is no longer adequate.

Hackers do not believe in clean room when it comes to information security,
no one is exempted.

you should learn to adept and coexist with the threats,
let us keep on fighting.

HITCON X Announcement   Ten Years (Tim)   Ten Years (Birdman)



Lessons learned: adapt to the new era of security threats.

HITCON X 公告   十年 (Tim)   十年 (Birdman)


In the field of pure technology, there is no evil and justice. We believe hacker represents an always challenging spirit with tremendous knowledge and skills.

Hacks in Taiwan (HITCON) is a highly technical security conference in Taiwan. We know there are a lot of information security researchers with very professional expertise and experience in Taiwan. Before Hacks in Taiwan, there’s no chance to gather them. So CHROOT had the idea to hold an annual conference for all people who are interested in security and hacking. We provide a stage for all hackers to share their newest and exciting findings, to talk without worries, to exchange experience face to face.

We are very careful in the quality of speeches. We hope presentations could be researches of latest trends or technologies, excellent hacking techniques, fresh and creative ideas, and with less commercial purpose.

In addition to knowledge sharing, we also hold the wargame event (a.k.a. Capture The Flag) for all attendees. Everyone can attend the game, solve puzzles, and have fun during whole conference. Besides, we have an IRC channel with a very large screen on the stage, wall of sheep, etc. Because of these interesting and unique peculiarities, we can attract a lot of people who are interested in security and hacking to attend the event.

HITCON is the hacker’s party. We invite everyone to come to Taiwan, join the party. You can experience Taiwan hacker’s culture, see most interesting and sensitive topics, and communicate with hackers as well as hacker groups.


Hacks In Taiwan Conference 台灣駭客年會 (HITCON) 是台灣最大的駭客與資安技術研討會。


台灣駭客年會也舉辦了網路攻防競賽 (Wargame),提供真實的網路環境和挑戰,讓參與人員能夠盡情發揮,在活動中學習並印證自己的能力。是駭客年會最大的特色之一。即時的 IRC 聊天頻道、綿羊牆等創新的安排,都是台灣駭客年會與眾不同之處。