The most technical international cyber security event 2017 in Taiwan is on its way!

HITCON Pacific 2017Dec. 7 – 8 Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)

After the just-finished “HITCON CMT Mission: Regain The Initiative”, HITCON Pacific is ready to follow up. This year we are seeing more and more new attack methods and targets, which indicates that security threats are also closer to people’s daily life. From water, electricity, transportation to manufacture systems, Critical Infrastructure, banks and IOT devices; cyber attacks potentials are all around them.

Information securities issues are no longer reality shows on TV, but our daily life. Last year we had invited many international security experts to talk about security tactics and progress; this year the topic of HITCON Pacific will be “Cyber Force Awakens”. We will be calling for action from citizen to enterprises and government to gain initiatives of digital properties, create cyber defence force and information security, and invite experts from all the world to discuss the threat and defense of “digital homeland” from technical, policy, and regulation aspects, bringing the newest trend to all participants.

In the conference, not only do we have the most professional talks; but we will also co-host the event with the top 10 CTF finals international competition. We are looking forward to your attendance, boosting up the power of cyber security with world-class experts and us in Taiwan.