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HITCON ZeroDay 發表會

面對包羅萬象的漏洞通報資訊,近年 Google 有漏洞計劃小組 Google Project Zero,HITCON 則有 HITCON ZeroDay 平台,協助企業或組織找出漏洞。今年政府通過「資通安全管理法」後,企業與資安人員更須了解漏洞與資安通報的重要性。大會將邀請幾位挖掘出重要漏洞的高手站上舞台現身說法,不藏私的向來自世界各地的與會聽眾分享寶貴經驗!

To face many vulnerability report information, Google have Google Porject Zore. HITCON also have the HITCON ZeroDay platform. To help the origination or enterprice to file the vulenerabilities. After Taiwan government pass the law of cyber security management, the corporations and security guys need to more understand the important of vulnerability report. HITCON will invite some experts to talk about how important of bug hunting.


為鼓勵國內資安社群針對初學者設計專屬議題,並提出最新研究成果,大會提供每場 50 分鐘的特別時段!想共同見證國內資安能量蓬勃發展的偉大時刻,就絕不要錯過內容包羅萬象、議題精采絕倫的HITCON 101。

To encourage introductive topics delivered to beginners by local infosec communities, as well as providing these communities opportunities to share their findings, we have reserved a 50-minute session delicated to infosec novices. To witness this great moment of flourishing infosec community momentium in Taiwan, don't miss HITCON 101.

自己的電路板自己焊 Hack Your Own Gadgets

想在 HITCON CMT 2019 展示獨一無二專屬行頭的會眾們,務必前往大會設置的焊接 DIY 專區!各式五彩繽紛、耀眼奪目的免費發光元件,以及匠心獨具的限量電路板,等待與眾不同的你來發揮創意,產出酷炫電子徽章!

One cannot do without unique gadgets when coming to the most fascinating hacking conference this year. HITCON CMT provide a place for all the attendees to welding your personal gadget. We also provide all the equipments for welding and have a professional mentor to help you. If you want to make your unique gadgets, come to the event "Hack your own gadgets"

駭客算命攤 x 超。快速入門

神秘的算命攤是屬於 HITCON 獨有的特別活動,是個很自由、非正式的小型聚會場地。最重要的是,我們邀請了資安界大大,他們會將正式議程內容以最淺顯易懂的方式來講解給入門者聽。



The special culture of HITCON CMT “The Divination”. This is a freestyle and unofficial meetup. We will invite some security expert to give a comment on HITCON session in real time. To use an easy way to help beginner explain the HITCON session. If you think the HITCON sessions are too difficult to understand, come to the HITCON 101 Divination and let the experts help yours.

奇葩獎 78 Awards

從 2013 年開始,HITCON CMT 除了安排精彩的議程外,更舉辦了「奇葩獎」的活動 。


除了每年的議程中進行頒獎活動外,Facebook 上也成立了奇葩獎討論區,提供一個可以即時了解資安事件,互相分享討論交流心得的空間。


Since 2013, HITCON CMT not only brings fascinating sessions, but also presents the "78 Awards" as well.

"HITCON 78 Awards" is a special event among all the sessions in HITCON. The purpose is to promote the hard works of those brilliant hackers, and the most weird and respectful cases over the past year. With humors, we aim to bring up the attention to security issues for Taiwan society, and add more diversity to the sessions.

Not only we have a awarding ceremony in every year's session, we also have a "78 Awards" group on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/HITCON78awards/) which provides a space to know security issues and have discussion.

Feel free to join the "78 Awards" group, and together let's keep our eyes on the anecdotes of information security!


設置各資安研討會上必備的綿羊牆,時時提醒大家傳輸通道安全和加密協定的重要性,已是 HITCON CMT 的經典傳統。想檢視自己的傳輸與設定是否安全無虞嗎?別讓自己的名字出現在會場的專屬螢幕上就算成功囉!

For the security conference, it cannot without having the "Wall of Sheep!". To remind all the attendees how important of secure communication. The wall of sheep had been traditional of HITCON CMT. Do you want to review the security of your devices? Don't let your name showing on the Wall of Sheep might be the most important thing.





To reduce the regret of ticket price or location distance. We will provide free ticket, room and transportation assistance.

For all the sutudents who interested in cyber security, (Under 24 years ago) have opportunity to submit proposal to HITCON CMT.

Detail information: https://blog.hitcon.org/2019/05/cmt-hitcon-free.html