HITCON Summer Training
HITCON Community
in Academia Sinica Taipei, Taiwan


會場須知 Conference Hall

  • 會議期間請全程配戴識別證,若無配戴則恕無法進入會議廳,工作人員會把您阻擋在外,請離開會議廳時記得攜出。
  • 議程進行中,會議廳內嚴禁飲食,點心和飲料請在會議廳外享用完畢,再行進入。惟於中午時段,各會議廳開放用餐。
  • 為維護其他人聽議程的權利,長時間離開座位請將位置禮讓給他人,勿使用私人物品佔位,否則工作人員會將佔位物品移開且恕不負保管責任。
  • 建議您使用自行攜帶的環保餐具,大會亦會提供紙杯,但請重複使用。
  • 有空的時候不妨到攤位區逛逛或參與大會其他活動,有機會可以獲得意想不到的好處!
  • 若在會場中有任何問題或遺失物品,歡迎至服務處詢問工作人員。
  • Please wear your badge at all times throughout the event. Without the badge you will NOT be able to enter the conference rooms. Make sure to bring the badge with you if you have to leave for a moment.
  • Eating and drinking are NOT allowed in the conference rooms during the conference time. Only the lunchtime is available for eating and drinking in the conference rooms.
  • For the convenience of all participants, please yield your seat to the others if you are not coming back in an extended period of time. From time to time the HITCON staffs will remove the belongings left unattended and will NOT be responsible for keeping them.
  • You are encouraged to bring reusable utensils. Paper cups will be provided, but please reuse them to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • Visit the booths or participate in the activities when you have time. It may be your lucky day!
  • If you have any questions or lost anything at the conference, please contact the staffs at the information desk.

網路 Internet

  • 這裡是 HITCON ,主辦單位不保證網路的安全性!
  • 會場內禁止進行任何型態的網路攻擊,違者將會強制驅逐出場。
  • 無線網路 SSID 將會以 HITCON 開頭,請留意會議廳所屬編號,並優先使用 5Ghz 的無線網路名稱。
  • 如有使用 3G 網卡或智慧型手機之需求,請藉由 USB 連接使用 3G 上網,勿於會場私設 AP。
  • The network security and connection safety are NOT guaranteed, for this is HITCON.
  • Any types of cyber attacks are strictly prohibited. Violators will be forced to leave.
  • Wireless network service will be provided at the conference with SSID names beginning with "HITCON." Please pay attention to the conference room you're in and connect to the 5 Ghz band first.
  • Personal wireless access points ("Hotspots") are not allowed at HITCON. Please connect to the 3G network through USB tethering if you want to use a 3G network adapter or a smartphone to get online.

同步口譯 Interpreting

  • 本次 R0 議程提供中英文即時口譯,口譯系統採網路廣播,網址為:http://inter.hitcon.org
  • 相關需求如筆電、平板及耳機等煩請您自備,大會恕無法提供。
  • Chinese and English interpreting service will be provided at the R0 conference hall through online streaming. The streaming address is http://inter.hitcon.org


IRC 是會場的線上聊天室,你只要透過網頁:http://irc.hitcon.org 並輸入 nickname 即可參與聊天。

若您使用 IRC 軟體連線,我們的連線資訊如下:irc.freenode.net:8001 #hitcon

IRC is an online chatroom for the convention. Visit http://irc.hitcon.org and enter your nickname to join the chat. For IRC software users, please connect with the information as follows: irc.freenode.net:8001 #hitcon

Freenode Webchat

至瀏覽器開啟 http://webchat.freenode.net/

於 channel 輸入 hitcon,按下 connect 按鈕加入 HITCON IRC

(若是人數太多無法連線,請自行使用 IRC 軟體連線)