Village is a common concept seen in various international conferences that allows participants to explore a specific cybersecurity topic in various ways (talks, CTFs, labs). Some previously introduced villages are Vote Hacking Village, Social Engineering Village, 5G Village, …and so on.
Community Booth
In the Community Booth, you can find information about technology communities, including recruitment of members, promotion of clubs, and other interesting activities.
HITCON Re:CTF, as the name implies, is our endeavor to recreate the classic challenges from HITCON CTF! It would be a thrilling and enjoyable hacking feast. You can experience the excitement of the competition and solve those challenging problems a week before the conference. On the day of HITCON, there will also be sharing and networking sessions, where top hackers come together to exchange problem-solving strategies.
Scavenger Hunt
In a blink, you find yourself transported to a land of unknown, where you set foot on a marvelous adventure to explore this annual event.In this journey full of challenges and thrills, you will unleash your cybersecurity knowledge, logic, and curiosity to embark on a quest of exploration and unraveling mysteries.
The correct way to embark on this journey is: During the conference, use your personal mobile device and click on the URL provided in the pre-conference email. Open the Scavenger Hunt page and follow the instructions to begin your adventure!
Are you ready? Grab your phone and begin the journey in this enchanted land!
Badge Mini-games
Surprise! This year's badge is more than just an identification badge! Card readers and mini-games will be placed at booths and scattered across the venue. Use your badge to activate and interact with them. Keep your eyes wide and seek out the card readers for an epic badge brawl!
Furthermore, at the Activity Team's own booth, we will provide NFC card readers to familiarize you with the operation of commonly seen ID cards in daily life. You can also take a closer look at the contents inside your badge and—who knows? You might discover some delightful surprises!
[Note] The top three individuals with the highest daily scores will receive special prizes, and participants who reach certain thresholds will also be eligible for participation prizes
Bounty House
Bounty House is a mysterious sharing session that lasts approximately 20 to 40 minutes. It ensures the confidentiality of the speakers and prohibits any recording or filming, allowing them to freely express themselves. Each session has limited on-site queuing admission for a small number of participants. The content of the sharing session can cover any topic related to cybersecurity, such as fascinating experiences in discovering vulnerabilities, interesting anecdotes from the cybersecurity field, discussions on workplace challenges, and cybersecurity pitfalls 🕳.The schedule and details of the mysterious sessions will be announced outside the Bounty House venue on the day of the event. Entry to the sessions will be open five minutes before the official start time, on a first-come, first-served basis until capacity is reached.
Hacking 101
Hacking 101 is a series of introductory to intermediate courses in cybersecurity. The goal is to guide the audience into the field of cybersecurity through various methods such as hands-on activities, video tutorials, presentations, and CTF (Capture The Flag) challenges. The aim is to provide a better understanding of the different areas within cybersecurity and help individuals explore their interests for future development.
“KENRO DOJO” is a competition-style workshop, which was called “MINI Hardening” at HITCON CMT 2019, where participants compete to harden a vulnerable server provided by the organizers.
During this event, participants act as operators of the vulnerable online game server and strive to harden and stabilize the system while defending against attacks from our Red Team.
After the competition, Red Team members provide detailed explanations of the server’s vulnerabilities and the corresponding mitigation methods. This event not only offers an enjoyable competition but also provides an opportunity to learn about server hardening in a comprehensive manner.
If you want to join us, please register via the following page.
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